Having rodents in your home can be a drag.

They can cause damage to your home, as well as contaminate food and transmit diseases. If the rodents decide to attack appliance cables they will chew them, costing you a lot to repair them.

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Mice and rats are also a subject of embarrassment to have in your house. Your friends will begin to make assumptions about your hygienic living conditions. If you want to get rid of the rats and mice then you should give our pest control experts a call.

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They are typically good at hiding in spots that are difficult to get to. Sometimes people will attempt to capture the rats and mice themselves. However, this can lead to wasted time, as well as frustration.

One of our exterminators is going to be able to resolve your rodent problem in a clean, hassle-free manner. Our technician expert will review the layout of your home and determine the ideal solution for your needs. Call (619) 274-8655 and we can schedule your appointment.